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A Personal Approach To Estate Planning

Your estate plan is more than simply a document. It is a reflection of your wishes for the future and your legacy. The documents you create can provide for your loved ones, protect your finances and even support your child. You deserve to have someone by your side that understands the importance of this plan in your life.

At The Law Office of C. Matthew Shanks, we are proud of the trust that our clients place in us as they create their estate plans. Our Cedar Park attorney works personally with our clients to understand their wishes and create a plan that reflects their hopes for their legacy.

Support And Guidance For Estate Planning

A will is the foundation of many estate plans. This document allows you to achieve a variety of different goals, including:

  • Establishing your wishes for the assets in your estate: You want to provide for your loved ones, and a will allows you to name the people who will receive the assets in your estate and outline what they will receive.
  • Naming guardians for underage children: If the worst should happen, who would you trust to bring up your child? A will allows you to name the person you want to guide your child as they grow rather than leaving that decision up to the court.
  • Naming a custodian to manage assets for underage beneficiaries: Underage people cannot directly access an inheritance. Your will can identify the person who will manage the assets you leave them until they can receive those assets.
  • Naming an executor for your estate: You want the possessions you leave behind to be in good hands. In your will, you can name the person that will manage your estate and transfer your possessions to your loved ones.

Whether creating a will or updating your existing plan, our attorney will work directly with you at every stage of the estate planning process to create a document that reflects your needs.

A Resource For Handling The Probate Process

Probate is the process of a court supervising the transfer of the deceased person’s estate down to new owners. This process can be complicated whether working with or without a will in place. our attorney can assist you with many steps of probate, including: 

  • Determining Assets: No matter the amount, working with an attorney can help to identify the assets listed in the will. 
  • Settling Payment: An attorney works to determine where to pay bills, debts, and taxes that were left behind or relating to any inheritance. They can also manage accounts with finances during the process.
  • Filing Documents: With the many court documents that are needed with wills and probate, our attorney works on preparation and many other areas of documentation. 

There are many moving parts to the probate and the process can take a long time. Our attorney can address any problems that arise and work with you as you navigate an unfamiliar area. 

Preparing For The Challenges Of Incapacitation

While estate plans offer people the chance to outline their wishes for what will happen after they pass away, they can also offer support and protection during your life. Incapacity planning can help you define what will happen if you cannot make important decisions yourself due to illness, injury or disability.

To prepare for these challenging situations, your plan may include:

  • Durable power of attorney: This document allows you to name a person to manage your finances on your behalf. This person, your agent, may pay bills on your behalf, buy and sell property, file your taxes and uphold other responsibilities.
  • Medical power of attorney: Just as a durable power of attorney allows you to name someone to make important decisions about your finances, a medical power of attorney provides guidance for key health care decisions. The person you name in this document may choose your doctor, the facility that cares for you and which medical procedures you receive.
  • HIPAA release: Your health care information is generally private. This document allows certain people to access that confidential information.

At The Law Office of C. Matthew Shanks, our attorney can help you explore your options and create a plan that provides both you and your loved ones with peace of mind.

Start Planning For The Future Today

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