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A Probation Violation Lawyer Who Can Help You

If you have committed a probation violation, you may be forced to complete your original prison or jail sentence…unless you contact an experienced attorney. Do not try to handle the matter yourself. If you or someone you love has violated a condition of their probation, act now and speak to Cedar Park probation violation attorney Matt Shanks. You may have forgotten to comply with some minor requirements or accidentally committed some minor errors. Or you may be accused of committing a new crime. You may believe that you can “straighten it out” or explain the lapse. What you need is someone who knows the possibilities and can negotiate with the prosecutor for you.
Have you committed a probation violation by:
  • Missing a payment?
  • Testing positive for drugs or alcohol?
  • Missing a meeting with your probation officer?
  • Being accused of committing a new offense?

Williamson County is a very law-and-order county. However, there may be alternatives to your being sentenced to prison or jail. Depending on the seriousness of the probation violation, a drug treatment program, counseling, classes or changing the terms of your probation may be an appropriate alternative in your case.

C. Matthew Shanks is a former Williamson County prosecutor. Criminal defense attorney Shanks will listen to your situation. He knows that the key to effective representation is to know which course of action will lead to the best outcome for a client. To discuss your situation call The Law Office of C. Matthew Shanks at 512-795-4165.

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