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Most people understand how a criminal conviction will follow them when applying for jobs or other opportunities. But, what happens when the charges against you are dismissed or your case results in deferred adjudication probation in lieu of a conviction? What many people don’t realize is that the records from these cases are still available to the public – and will appear on a criminal background check – until they take action to have the records destroyed, removed or sealed. If you are an adult with a juvenile record, you may qualify to have your juvenile record sealed. If you were charged with a crime as an adult, but were never convicted you may be eligible to have your criminal record expunged. Lastly, if you received a deferred adjudication probation for the offense or have only ever been convicted of a single offense, you may be able to request an order of nondisclosure.

Expunctions ∙ Nondisclosures ∙ Sealing Of Juvenile Records

Cedar Park expungement attorney Matt Shanks has extensive experience helping people in Williamson County and throughout Central Texas start their future with a clean slate. As a former prosecutor and experienced defense lawyer, Mr. Shanks understands the law and the court procedures for helping clients expunge their criminal arrest history. Call 512-795-4165 or contact him online to arrange a free consultation.

Expunctions – Was Your Criminal Case Dismissed Or Did You Complete A Pretrial Intervention Program?

Even if all charges against you were dismissed, your arrest records and other records pertaining to your case will still appear on your criminal history record until you request to have them removed through the process of expunction.

While Texas law previously prevented individuals from having the records removed from their criminal history for approximately two to five years (until the statute of limitations expired on the case), current law now allows many individuals to request an expunction of their records immediately after the case is dismissed.

Orders Of Nondisclosure – Did You Receive Deferred Adjudication Or Have you Only Ever Been Convicted of A Single Offense?

After successfully completing the requirements for deferred adjudication, your charges do not result in a criminal conviction … so you don’t have to worry about them following you right? Wrong. Your criminal arrest and the fact that you received deferred adjudication will still appear on your criminal history unless you take action.

Depending on your offense, once you have successfully completed deferred adjudication, you may be eligible to request an order of nondisclosure. Also, if you have only ever been convicted of a single offense you may be able to request an order of nondisclosure in very limited circumstances. An order of nondisclosure is not as complete and thorough as an expunction. However, it can still be extremely helpful in keeping your record out of criminal background checks, as your criminal record can no longer be released to the general public or private employers. However, certain potential employers, such as the armed forces, law enforcement, government fields, medical fields or other fields requiring state licensing, may still have access to this information if requested.

Seal Your Juvenile Criminal Record With Attorney Matt Shanks

Many people mistakenly believe that their juvenile criminal record will not follow them into adulthood. However, mistakes you made while you were a teenager can still haunt you once you are an adult if you face further problems with law enforcement. While juvenile records are confidential and are not available to the general public, they are still accessible by law enforcement, the military, and certain government agencies.

You may be eligible to have your juvenile records sealed – preventing disclosure of the records to law enforcement and prosecutors. The timeline for when you may request to have  juvenile records sealed will depend on whether or not you were adjudicated and the seriousness of the offense. If you were never adjudicated, you may be able to immediately request to have your juvenile  records sealed.

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Whether you are completing college applications, loan applications or are applying for a job, your chances will be much greater if your past criminal history is cleared from your record. Attorney Shanks will work hard to determine your eligibility and will thoroughly explain your options. Call 512-795-4165 or contact Mr. Shanks online to schedule a free consultation.