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In Williamson County, many people who are pulled over for minor traffic infractions, such as a broken taillight, are surprised to learn that their driver's license has been suspended. Driving while your license is invalid is a serious matter that jeopardizes your driving privileges and can result in significant financial implications. Most people will find that it is in their interests financially to hire an experienced lawyer to resolve the current and underlying legal matters arising from driving with a suspended, revoked or invalid license.

Attorney Matt Shanks is focused on helping you avoid or minimize the consequences associated with driving with an invalid license. For experienced defense in your driving with a suspended license case, call Cedar Park, Texas, attorney Matt Shanks at 512-795-4165 or contact him online to schedule a free initial consultation.

Why Was My License Suspended?

In Texas, there are many circumstances under which an individual's license can be suspended. Unfortunately, if you move and neglect to update your address with the Department of Public Safety (DPS), you may never even learn of your suspension. In fact, that may be part of the reason leading up to your suspension. Some of the more common reasons DPS can suspend your license include:

  • Failure to pay surcharges associated with the point system DPS has implemented for traffic violations, otherwise known as the "habitual violator" surcharge.
  • Suspensions for DWI Breath Test/Blood Tests refusals or failures.
  • Mandatory suspensions imposed by DPS for DWI, Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Controlled Substance convictions.
  • Failure to pay automatic surcharges assessed by DPS for a DWI conviction.
  • Failure to pay automatic surcharges assessed by DPS for a No Insurance Conviction.
  • Failure to pay reinstatement fees.

Minimizing the Consequences of Driving While License Invalid

A charge for driving with a suspended or revoked license can result in steep consequences. Not only will you be required to pay fines, surcharges or fees associated with the underlying reasons for your driver's license suspension, you could face a new annual surcharge, to be paid once per year for three years. Additionally, you will be charged a license reinstatement fee, but will still face significant challenges getting your license reinstated. Without experienced guidance, the entire ordeal can cost you several thousands of dollars.

As a skilled traffic violation defense lawyer, Matt Shanks will work diligently to resolve all issues related to your initial license suspension and driving while license invalid offense, and will also work to avoid re-suspension of your license.

Do I need an Occupational License?

Certain types of suspensions imposed by DPS may require that you obtain an occupational license in order for you to be able to legally drive until your license is fully reinstated. Mr. Shanks can help you to determine if you require an occupational and can assist you in obtaining an occupational license from the court.

Call for a Free Consultation About Your License Suspension Case

If you are facing penalties associated with driving while your license is invalid, Mr. Shanks will take the time necessary to resolve your case so that you can move forward. Call 512-795-4165 or contact Mr. Shanks online to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Cedar Park traffic violation defense attorney. Open Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm, and on Fridays from 9 am to noon, his office also offers evening appointments for your convenience.

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